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Sponsor Spotlight: Way West Performance Products

Way West Performance Products is the Ontario distributor of Myristol Supplements.

Jane Cryderman has been in the horse industry for a lifetime and after years of testing and trying various joint and health supplements discovered the Myristol Product line.

“I take the Motion Plus Human formula and have ended a chronic back issue that had plagued me for years”. It is that effective for horses and dogs as well. How do I know? Because the reorder percentage is so high. Because so many Myristol users are professionals and accomplished amateurs that depend on premium performances from their animals and themselves.

The Myristol Family of Supplements was developed by the eminent orthopedic veterinary surgeon Dr.Gayle Trotter. The carefully researched ingredients provide

maximum protection against joint damage from competition and can provide support to joints already stressed or suffering from arthritis or inflammation. Myristol equine Joint supplement was proven effective in a peer review study, and it continues to be shown effective every day in the most important laboratory there is... Your Horse.

See and feel the difference the combination of Myristol Joint supplement and Myristol Hemp Oil can make in your equine athlete and even in yourself!

WE are excited to be at The Steel City Slide Show with the Myristol product line.

Visit our website at

Contact Jane Cryderman or on FaceBook to order


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